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We offer a 10% winter 2013 discount for cabin rental that takes place in February or March. The discount applies to Karbidi and Korvento A -cabins.

Karbidi: Karbidi (Carbide) is a six-person cottage right in the heart of the holiday village and in the immediate vicinity of the Information Centre. The cabin has been totally renovcated in 2008, and provides high quality accommodation. The cabin has two separate bedrooms, a living room, sauna and an exterior terrace. See further information on Karbidi

Korvento A: Korvento A is a simple cabin for a small group. The housing capacity is five: two in the living room bed-sofa and three upstairs on matresses. See further information on Korvento

See further information on the cabins by clicking their name, or ask more by sending a cabin enquiry.

WINTER OFFER 2013: 10% off the list price for the rental of Karbidi and Korvento A cabins in February and March!

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