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Driving directions

The address for navigators: Puistolantie 1, Viljakkala (Ylöjärvi)

The driving directions can also be obtained from the Google Map application provided below. Google directions from the direction of Tampere and from the direction of Vaasa can be obtained by following the links.

Driving directions briefly

From Tampere you drive road number 3, and turn right towards Viljakkala. Continue about 12 kilometres and you will pass the village of Viljakkala on your right and a fire-station on your left. About 800 metres after this, turn left to Haveri holiday village. Continue about 600 metres, and Kultahaverin Vapaa-aika Information Centre is on your right hand side, right at the Puistolantie crossing.

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Public transportation

You can reach Haveri also by bus. The timetables can be located at the Destia homepage (www.matka.fi). Type Puistolantie 1, Ylöjärvi as your destination. The distance from the bus stop in Viljakkala to Haveri is about 2 kilometres.

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Sää Haverissa / Weather in Haveri

24.04.2017, 4:34
Verrattain pilvistä
Verrattain pilvistä
Tuuli: 1 m/s E
Aurinko nousee: 5:36
Aurinko laskee: 21:15
Ennuste 25.04.2017
Tuuli: 3 m/s EEI
Ennuste 26.04.2017
Tuuli: 2 m/s EI
Ennuste 27.04.2017
Tuuli: 2 m/s LEL

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