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On this page you will find information on upcoming and past events and other topical issues in Haveri. The latest news are at the top of the page.

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Upcoming events in Haveri

No scheduled upcoming events.

Past events in Haveri

Summer fest at Inkula Bridge

A summer fest with tango-singer Kauko Simonen at Inkulan Holvisilta on Sunday July 10 at 2 pm. Organised by Inkulan Holvisilta ry.

Midsummer 2011 in Haveri

In the nearby Inkula Bridge there is a traditional Midsummer Bonfire and alcohol-free celebration for the whole family on the Midsummer Eve from 8 pm to 9 pm. The programme includes accordion playing, bonfire and sausages. The event is organised by Inkulan holvisilta ry.

Kultaharkko 2010

The gold panning competition Kultaharkko 2010 was held in Haveri holiday village on May 13-14. The eighth Kultaharkko competition gives an opportunity for everyone from children to grandparents (and professionals) to try gold panning. On Thursday May 13 the competition commences at 10.45 am, and on Friday the start time is 10.30. More information (in Finnish) www.kultaharkko.com.

Haverin Kultauistelut 2009

8 August 2009 Haveri housed the 14th Haverin Kultauistelut fishing competition. 182 boats participated in the competition.

Hillittömät Kurvit pappatunturitapahtuma Haverissa 2009

An event of mopeds took place in Haveri.

Kultaharkko 2009

The traditional Kultaharkko gold panning competition takes place in Haveri. In 2009 the competition took place on May 21-22 (the pictures are from an earlier year). Anyone can participate in the competition, no earlier experience is needed.

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