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We provide delicious and warm Hot Wings meals either eaten in the premises or take away. You can also telephone your order.

The tradition of hot chicken wings began in Buffalo in 1964, the in the US they are known as Buffalo Wings. SiipiWeikot company from Tampere brought the delicacy to Finland in early 1990s. Nowadays there are about 100 places selling Hot Wings in Finland.

Hot Wings meal choices and pricelist

Wings 5 pcs 5,00e/meal
Wings 10 pcs 8,00e/meal
Wings 15 pcs 9,80e/meal
Wings 20 pcs 12,50e/meal
Wings 25 pcs 15,50e/meal
Wings 30 pcs 18,50e/meal
Wings 35 pcs 22,50e/meal
Wings 40 pcs 25,50e/meal
Wings 50 pcs 30,00e/meal
Wings 60 pcs 35,00e/meal
Sauces: medium, hot, xtra-hot
Hot Wings meal, small (includes 7 wings and twister fries) 9,00e/pcs
Hot Wings meal, large (includes 10 wings and twister fries) 10,00e/pcs
Broiler nugget meal (includes 6 broiler nuggets and twister fries) 6,00e/pcs
“Stick” meal (includes 4 “sticks” and twister fries) 7,80e/pcs
Twister fries 4,30e/meal
Criss cut fries 4,80e/meal
Onion rings 0,50e each
Mozzarella sticks 1,20e each
Wheat tortillas (filling: cheese pepper) 1,20e each
Hot cheddar (cheese / jalopeno) 1,20e each
Combo on 3 (includes 3 onion rings, 3 hot cheddars, 3 mozzarella sticks) 8,20e/meal
Combo on 4 (includes 4 onion rings, 4 hot cheddars, 4 mozzarella sticks) 9,80e/meal
Extra dip sauce, small (blue cheese, garlic) 1,00e
Extra dip sauce, large (blue cheese, garlic) 1,40e
Extra sauce 1,00e
Extra vegetable 0,50e

(pricelist updated 27.03.2015)

Come and have a Wing! Or call (0)40-5089047.

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