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Kultahaverin Vapaa-aika Oy is a company based in Haveri holiday village, specialising in cabin rental, rental of equipment for leisure activities (bicycles, boath, skis, etc.), provision of meeting facilities for businesses, restaurant services, sale of basic foodstuffs, as well as provision of other different leisure activities in co-operation with our partners.

The company was established in 2001. From the beginning cabin rental, equipment rental and small-scale sale of foodstuffs have formed the basis of company’s business plan. In 2002 the minigolf court with 9 tracks was built. Also in 2002 the company bought the building in which it operated, and in 2003 the end of the building was renovated and transformed into meeting facilities and restaurant operations. In addition the outdoor service area (terrace) was extended. In 2004 the foundation work for the caravan-site was initiated, and an old sauna and washing building was bought to be repaired. In 2006 the foundation work for a new outdoor service area was started, and in 2007 the service area itself was built. It now consists of a terrace with 65 seats and a dancing area of 50 square metres. The work on the caravan site was also continued by electrical works and the work on the sauna and washing building was continued, and work on both targets has continued in 2008 and 2009.

New cabins have been acquired (e.g. Karbidi in 2008). Also the equipment rental has been broadened to include for instance skis, bicycles, boats and canoes. Our partners provide services related to fishing, horseback riding, wellbeing and other forms of entertainment. Diving in Haveri commenced again in 2008, and in 2009 a new sauna by the beach was put up for rental.

We have five main objectives for the period 2010-2014. First, we aim to have the diving activity in full swing very soon. Diving has been an important part of Haveri before the “open mine” was emptied of water due to test excavations. The mine had refilled by 2008, when we established the Haveri Divers together with diving societies to develop and direct diving in Haveri.

Our second objective is to have the caravan site up and running by the summer 2010, bringing a new group of travellers to Haveri. The third objective is to develop the use of the new sauna building by different client groups. The fourth objective is to finish the renovation of the sauna building and begin using the building for meetings, accommodation and other services. The fifth objective is to initiate catering services in the Haveri area.

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