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We have several local partners who provide different kinds of services for holidaymakers. These include for instance theatre, horseback riding, dancing and cruises on the Lake Kyrosjärvi. All these destinations are within one hour driving distance from Haveri.

Suojärvi Chocolate Farm: The Chocolate Farm makes handmade chocolate in an old farm building, renovated to act as a modern chocolate processing business. More information (in Finnish only).

Theatre Association Wimma: A local theatre association, which provides theatre acts either in Haveri or in the city of Viljakkala. See the latest news on their pages (in Finnish only).

Tuulensilta Stables: Offer training and opportunities for horseback riding. The stables have Icelandic horses for both beginners as well as for more experienced riders. All the horses are kind by nature and well suited for the customer service that they do. Find more (in Finnish only).
Muotiainen Holiday Cabins: Rent either small or large cabins. Find more (in Finnish only).

Pekan Parkki Oy: Scheduled cruises and tailormade cruises. M/S Lohi is about 25 year-old former rescue boat, which can take 12 passengers. In the summer season the boat can be booked by groups.

M/S Purimo: The boat can take 75 passengers, and runs a scheduled service between Hämeenkyro and Siuro in Nokia. The boat also makes theme cruises and can be booked by groups, either for a cruise with a pre-arranged programme and food (max 75 persons) or for a sauna cruise (max 40 persons). The boat restaurant has a licence for soft alcoholic beverages, and also serves coffee and light snacks. Find more (in Finnish only).

Ikaalinen Spa: Ikaalinen Spa is a popular spa, with live music provided each evening. There is also a wide variety of different types of saunas and wellbeing treatments. More information.

Ellivuori ski centre: Ellivuori has six lit piste, varying in difficulty from green to black. Four anchor-lifts carry about 5000 persons in an hour in the beautiful cultural landscape. The ski centre is located about 45 kilometres from Haveri. Lisätiedot.

Teivo horse race centre: Almost every Tuesday there is a free horse racing event in Teivo. More information (in Finnish only).

Suomen tapahtumatuotanto: The company arranges different kinds of parties, recreation events and special prgrammes for companies and associations. Find more (in Finnish only).

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