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Seitseminen National Park: Seitseminen Visitor Centre and National Park Seitseminen National Park is ideal for day trips or for hikes lasting a couple of days. Longer trips can be extended to for example Riuttaskorpi recreational forest and Helvetinjärvi National Park on a hiking trail network called Pirkan Taival. The park area is 45,5 km², and it is operated by the Finnish Forest Service. There are over 60 kilometres of signed paths and several nature paths within the park. The park was awarded The European Diploma of Protected Areas of the Council of Europe in 1996.
Seitseminen Visitor Centre provides information on the watershed region of southern Suomenselkä’s forest and mire habitats. Their customer service desk will give you information on Metsähallitus products and services and help you plan hikes. There is also a café in the Centre. Within the park there is also the Kovero Farm, a tenant farm belonging to the Crown, which was officially founded in 1859. Today, Kovero Farm is a part of the Seitseminen National Park´s cultural heritage area, where landscapes and buildings will be restored to their original state.

Helvetinjärvi National Park: The deep gorges of Helvetinjärvi National Park were formed millions of years ago by faults in the bedrock running right through the area. Today this rugged scenery attracts hikers for both day trips and camping. From the Park it is possible to walk all the way to Riuttaskorpi recreational forest and Seitseminen Visitor Centre and National Park on hiking routes called Pirkan Taival. Helvetinjärvi National Park is representative of the variable, wild forest landscape of the northern part of the former Province of Häme. Special features of the area include deep rifts, steeply sided lakes, small forest ponds and remote forests. Helvetinkolu, one of the gorges, has attracted visitors since 1800s, and it is still the most popular destination in the Park.

Pinsiö tree mountain: Tree Mountain is a work of environmental art by Agnes Denes in Ylöjärvi, west of Tampere. 10,600 pine tree saplings are planted on a cone-shaped gravel hill according to a mathematical formula. The mountain is oval by shape, and 420 metres long, 270 metres wide and 28 metres tall.

The old arch bridge in Inkula: The Inkula arch bridge is over 100 years old and stands against a baeutiful scenery in Inkulansalmi. It is owned by a provate society (Inkulan Holvisilta ry) that organises events on the bridge. Such ownership arrangement is very rare, if not unique, for bridges.

Pölkkylä jugenvilla huvila: Designed by architect Birger Federley in 1899. The mansion is open for groups from the beginning of May till end of September. It is a representative of Finnish wood style (Karelianism).

Vikelä windmill: A windmill from 1838.

Tampere: Tampere is the largest inland city in the Nordic Countries, and is situated only 25 minutes cardrive from Haveri. All the entertainment opportunities of Tampere (including Särkänniemi amusement park, Näsinneula observation tower, Finlayson factory yard, Viikinsaari Island, Pyynikinharju, Lenin museum, etc.) are within an easy reach from Haveri. More information: Tampere – All Bright

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