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Haveri is located in a forested terrain that provides good opportunities for trekking of various lengths and difficulties.

European Long Distance Path E6: One of the European Long Distance Paths runs through Haveri. The path heads eastwards towards Viljakkala and westwards towards Seitseminen National Park. There are a total of 11 long distance paths in Europe, covering a total length of nearly 60 000 kilometres. Criterua for the paths include that they need to cover at least three European countries, be at least 500 kilometres in length and be approved by the European Trekking Association.

In Finland there are two Long Distance Paths: E10 in Lapland and eastern parts of Finland and E6 which runs from Kilpisjärvi in Lapalan to southern Finland, and passes through Haveri. In totality the path runs from the Arctic Ocean in Norway to the island of Korfu in Greece.

More information on the maps regarding Long Distance Paths in Finland can be obtained from these pages (in Finnish only).

Trekking to Seitseminen National Park: Seitseminen National Park is about 35 kilometres from Haveri. The whole path is suitable for trekking, and in the winter there may be occasional ski tracks. The path is also marked. Those undertaking the trek are advised to buy the Pirkan Taival –map from the Information Centre. More information from excursionmap.fi.

Forest teaching path: Next to Karhe school (about 13 km from Haveri) there is a 2,2 kilometres long teaching path, targeted to aid learning about the nature by the children. The topics are related to different types of suo, everyman’s rights, measuring the trees, forest types, and so forth. More information on the pages of Pirkanmaan metsäkeskus (in Finnish only).

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