Kultahaveri’s Freetime

…when own time is its’ weight in gold

Our opening hours in the Easter are as follows: Good Friday 4-10 pm, Holy Saturday 2-10 pm, Easter Sunday 2-9 pm and the following Monday 2-9 pm. Welcome!

Kruuva (Mine) is a six-person cottage that was built in 2002. The cabin has a living room, kitchen, sauna and an upstairs with single beds.


Next week we will move towards more spring-like opening hours. From the beginning of March onwards we will be open Thursdays 4-9 pm, Fridays 4-10 pm, Saturdays 2-10 pm and Sundays 2-9 pm. From Monday to Wednesday the Information Centre will be closed, but in cabin rental issues we serve naturally every day.

Urheilusukeltajat ry (Helsinki) diving club has been approved to dive in Haveri. Altogether there are now 17 clubs with a licence to dive in the mine.

Kultahaverin Vapaa-aika

Kultahaverin Vapaa-aika Oy
Puistolantie 1
39310 Viljakkala
gsm (040) 508 9047
email: kulta@haveri.fi

Infopisteen aukioloajat tällä hetkellä:
Ma: Suljettu
Ti-Pe: 16-23
La: 14-23
Su: 12-22
Mökkiasioissa palvelemme joka päivä

Our current opening hours:
Mon closed
Tue-Fri 4-11pm
Sat 2-11 pm
Sun 12 am - 10 pm
In cabin rental issues we serve every day!

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