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Haveri holiday village is located about 35 kilometres northwest of the city of Tampere. The holiday village situated adjacent to an old gold mine, which provides a breath of old mine milieu. There are over 30 cabins and other services in the area, situated by the shore of the large Lake Kyrösjärvi. On these new pages you will find more accurate and complete description of the Haveri holiday village, the cabins, leisure services and meeting facilities for businesses.

The holiday village is especially suitable for those seeking the pure Finnish nature, for families with children, for different societies, as well as businesses. For groups we can provide meeting, restaurant and recreational services. There is also a café selling light refreshments and basic foodstuffs. In the winter, in addition to enjoying the fresh outdoor air, it is possible to trek, ski and fish through a hole in the ice. In the vicinity there are several other types of recreational services available.

On our pages there are also links to local sights of interests as well as other service provides. The diving activities in Haveri are developing, and we have services developed for divers also on the Finnish section of the pages. You can send us feedback on the new pages by, for instance, using this form.

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